The term bracera was used in the period between the eighteenth and twentieth century to designate a wooden boat used for inter coastal waters having an overall length of seven to twelve meters, sometimes longer.

Its primary use was to transport various cargo and few passengers. Bracera’s beam-to-length ratio was 1: (2.5,  3). Its hull is broad and it has a keel. Bow and stern have a pointed egg-like shape. Retrofitted eyes were used on the front of the bow as a decorative element. The frame and planking were made of oak and pine, respectively.

Bracera’s hull is fully enclosed with a hatchway in the middle having a length dimension of approximately 1 of the boat overall length and the width of 1/3 of the beam. It has two smaller hatchways, one at the bow and one at the stern for crew and supplies. Bracera has a single mast positioned at 1/3 the length from the bow, it has a bowsprit, one gaff sail with two booms and three reefing positions, and one jib. The mast is made of a single piece and has an extension for the flag. Its long bowsprit is made of single piece and can be easily lifted. The rudder protrudes at least half meter below the keel. Bracera has a shallow draft and has typically two anchors with chain and rope.

Here are some bracera galleries that I had built:

Bracera 1

Bracera Dinka

Bracera 3

Bracera 4

Bracera Kvac