This model is that of a classical Tuna fishing boat that first appeared from the fishing ports of La Rochelle and Sables d’Olonnes on the Bay of Biscay. 1883 was a terrible year for the French tune fishing fleet and the frequent Atlantic storm systematically caused tremendous loss of both ships and the lives of the renewed hardened French fishermen. A well-known owner called Pierre Baron had the idea of transforming the standard type of tuna fisher to present day lives. It was successful that all new Tuna fishermen began to transform their boats according to his specification. Today, that extraordinary seaman is still referred as the father of the Atlantic Tuna Fisher. It is worth nothing that prices for the construction of this ship rose from 14000 francs in 1914 to 300000 in 1937.

Model is in M 1:50

2006. SILVER medal on Croatian championship by NAVIGA rules – Rijeka ’06.