My name is Zeljko Skomersic.Zeljko

I was born 1952. in Rijeka. I am living and working in my hometown Krk on island Krk (Croatia,Europe). Ship modeling is my love for a long time, but 1996. I decided to open a little workshop in the centre of Krk in which I make shipmodels, souvenirs, etc… and sell them so my hobby became a profession. In my workshop there is also a permanent exhibition of my work.

I am not sure that in Croatia exists any other workshop of manufacturing ship models and related maritime souvenirs (compasses,tables with knots, etc… ) opened for the Public. That fact, but mostly my love for wooden ships and tradition of sailing in this parts, had occupied me and I began to make (long forgotten) ships alive. Reading and learning from many books, consulting with other people (living books) who did see this part of history, original ship plans and other interesting things helped me with making those ships alive and to make them just like originals. In my workshop you can order unique souvenirs too.

My ship models traveled trough the whole world on many exhibitions and contests. Ship model “Sv. Katarina” was even presented on the greatest exhibition ever – EXPO ’98 in Lisabon (Portugal).

I have received the City Rijeka award for developing technical culture for the year 1997., and other prizes from NAVIGA‘s ship modeling World championships, NAVIGA’s ship modeling European championships, etc…

Since 2010. I’m licensed international NAVIGA’s ship modelling contests judge.


Interview with me from Croatian national television (Croatian only):