All models I have built are fully handmade including all shipping details, chains, guns, ropes (which I nit to be in scale with original). Some models are built according to original design plans retrieved from owners or shipyards.

I own a large amount of literature about sailboats and models, which I consult while making each model.
The material from which the models are built is hand processed and cut as needed.

Here are photo galleries of some ship models that I had built:

bluenose Sv. Katarina Falkusa 1 Bracera 1
Bracera Dinka Bracera 3 Bracera 4 Bracera Kvac
Bracera Maria Bragoc Bragoc 2 Bragoc 3
Freda La Diligente Leut Yacht Lilly
Loger Marie Jeanne brig Marie Sophie Paranca
Pelig Pelig 2 Puritan Saida
Trabakul Laguna Trabakul 2 Trabakul 3 Sambek
Stilac Stilac 2 schooner Sv. Marko bark Esempio
bark Kostrena brigantin La Diligente La Belle
Leut Sambek Trabakul Sv. Ivan Batana
Bilancela Builiding Gigino Gigino Leut 2
Batel Pelig Naprej bark Kostrena 2 Leut 2

Will add more soon !!!