Bragoc is a unique sailing boat from the eastern Adriatic. Its hull is broad and the bottom is flat without a keel. She has a large rudder protruding well below the flat bottom. Its unique feature is a slender bow and wide stern, almost rectangular in shape at the very end. Bragoc’s draft is very shallow. The frame and planking are made of oak and pine, respectively. The deck has low railing.

Its cargo hatchway is located in the middle with additional hatchways located at the bow and stern for supplies and crew. Bragoc has two single piece masts and no bowsprit. A short foremast is located at the tip of the bow and is equipped with a gaff sail lacking a lower boom that is leaning forward. The main mast is located in the mid-ship area and has a gaff sail with two booms and with three reefing positions. Bragoc is eight to twelve meters in length with the freeboard between half and one meter. It usually carries one large and one small grapnel anchor with four hooks. Typically, Bragoc does not tow or carry a dinghy. It has a crew of two or three and its deadweight is between ten and twenty tons. This type of boat is seldom used in Dalmatia. Its use is prevalent in Istria and Kvarner for fishing.

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