“Esempio”, built in 1877 in Veli Lošinj shipyard in Rovenska bay was heavily damaged during the cyclone in Pensacola Harbour in the Gulf of Mexico. The master of  “Esempio” was Adalbert Petrina (1842 – 1906), a legendary captain from Veli Lošinj. In 1906 he sailed on “Contessa Hilda”, a steel clipper which was the last sailing ship in the property of Veli Lošinj, covering a distance from Trieste to the Cape of Good Hope in 94 days and so beat the record of a famous clipper “Cutty Sark”, at that time the fastest sailing ship in the world. In Chile he was celebrated as a great hero, but he died soon. After 40 years in command of sailing ships and 55 Equator crossings he was buried abroad as were many captains from Veli Lošinj before him.

“Esempio” model is a part of permanent exhibition of the Lošinj Museum