On the old city hall there is a very interesting and unique clock. It has 24 time zones marked on it, such that the daytime hours are in the upper part and the nighttime hours in the lower part of the clock. This was the first mechanical city clock, mentioned in this place by the provveditore Lovro Gisi as early as 1538. At that time, time did not mean money, at least as it does today, so the clock only had one hand, which was quite sufficient for the normal course of life. The heavy solid mechanism was moved by two large stone weights, which were raised once a day by means of a winch by the guards on the city gate. After 1666. the clock mechanism was transferred to the bell tower of the cathedral. At the initiative of the City Tourist Board the clock was restored in 1995. to its function, but with a new electric mechanism, so the workers of the Tourist Board would not have to winch the weights of the clock with their gentle hands. The new mechanism is aligned by radio waves, and another hand has been added, to make it possible to measure the flow of money as accurately as possible.

In my workshop I made exact replica of this unique city clock equipped with an exclusive box and a booklet with a description that makes it an ideal memory of City Krk.


Part of this text source:
The city of Krk, a small monograph of a great city, Aquanet d.o.o. Krk, Denis Lesic, 2006.