Paranca is a boat used by fishermen from Puglia, Italy used to sail to Croatia and fish in its waters.

Paranca’s hull is broad with a bow similar to Bracera’s. It has a single mast with an attached bowsprit, a lateen type main sail and a single jib. Because of its length, the boom is made up of two or three parts. Paranca’s rudder has a unique feature it can be adjusted up or down as need arise. The bow has decorative eyes similar to Bracera and Trabakul. The sheer line is significant towards the bow. Deck at the midship has a small hatchway. Aft of the main mast on both sides Paranca is equipped with two bitts for towing fishing nets.

Two Parancas were used for fishing in tandem with a single net each towing one side. Paranca is no longer used on either side of the Adriatic.